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Information Services (IS)

Web Development

TechMeister can accomodate the following IS needs:

Windows 95, 98, NT, XP and Macintosh Systems Support

Network administration, design, and implementation, using NT server and/or Macintosh. File Serving, Security Configuration, Groups and internal email systems.

Internet Connectivity, Server Installation and Maintenance, Email Server Installation and Administration

TechMeister will also learn to administer any specialized software that your company may use (i.e. DNA Sequencing Software, Databases, etc.)

TechMeister makes it a point to keep up to date on the latest internet technologies. Our services, however, are not limited to the technical side of Web Development. Our Web Designers are just that - graphic artists who have experience creating visually pleasing designs. We back our artists up with an abundance of technical expertise as well. No matter what your site needs, scripting (ASP, & JavaScript), Java, or database access, our internet programmers can handle it, and our designers will make it look good.

Visit Current Sites Created By TechMeister:

We have several more sites under construction and we'll post those here as soon as they are ready.

Specialized Programming

Large Scale Printing

TechMeister has many years of programming experience from which to draw upon. We can write a custom software solution for your company for the Windows, Macintosh or Unix environments.

Whether you need a big automation control program or a small utility, TechMeister is up to the task.


TechMeister can print any computer graphic or image in full color, up to 36" wide and 15' long using an Encad NovaJet 4 large format plotter.

At TechMeister we are dedicated to increasing our service offerings. In addition to what we already offer we a currently striving to add the following services to our toolbox.

- Linux / Unix Administration

- Database Administration (Oracle, SQL Server, etc.)

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